DVF Inspired Summer Gardening DIY


Every year I look for new ways to liven up our outdoor space. Working with an urban balcony garden I look for small ways to inject newness while adding cheer with pops of color. I love transforming this small space in to our own secret garden. These hand painted terra-cotta are an easy way to add color and liven up an outdoor space. These pots make a wonderful focal point for styled spaces around your home, garden or office; they also make for darling inspirational gifts!

My inspiration for this project came from the DVF spring 16 ad campaign. The bold colors and prints (and of course the dresses and accessories) are visually delightful! The prints are a rush of springtime joy with florals and foliage. They serve as an amazing inspiration for small planters paired with script of my favorite DVF inspired mantras. This DIY is a great way of easily integrating  and paying homage to your favorite designers and artists in your home space; create things that make you happy!

You can of course use any pattern or print that you find moving along withthe mantra of your choice. What are some of your favorite mantras and inspiring phrases?


Inspiration, Terra cotta pot(s), pencil, graphite transfer paper, masking tape, paints, brushes, metallic liquid gold leaf 


Step 1: find imagery to use as inspiration then in program of your choice create a printable template for your favorite mantra or phrase (you can also choose to do this freehand if it suits you!)

Step 2: Place graphite paper under mantra template and use masking tape to secure on terra cotta pot. Then use your pencil to trace your mantra or phrase onto the pot.

Step 3: Remove masking tape to reveal lettering that you can now paint over. Paint your graphic onto the rim of the pot and trace lettering with black paint.

Step 4: Lastly once you’ve finished your rim design use liquid leaf to outline lettering (optional) for extra flare.