DIY Dip-Dyed Bridal Backdrop

After a recent trip to Anthropologie,  I was totally in awe of their wisteria installation and loved the idea of creating something similar for a bridal inspiration project that was in the works.

This masterpiece was made with cupcake liners, balloons, paper and yarn. I wanted to achieve a similar impact and effect on a smaller budget and in a short time frame, so I searched for other ideas that could provide a similar whimsical abstract floral effect and act as a backdrop for our shoot.

After some searching I came across this amazing DIY on style me pretty for an ombre coffee filter backdrop. You can follow their awesome tutorial on how to make this yourself and I'll share my experience in making this project below.

Things you will need:

600+ coffee filters (about 40ish per strand you plan to make), fabric dyefishing line, scissors, needle, about 10 hours

Their tutorial suggests to use staples to attach coffee filters to fishing line – I eliminated the need for this additional resource and decided to just use a needle and thread to string the filters tying spacer knots between each one

Dying of filters:

The dying process was not as simple and took longer than I thought it would. (especially the drying!)  I found it very difficult to dye large numbers of filters at a time and attain an even solid saturation. In playing with the dying process I achieved interesting textures and color variants, which I ended up loving for the botanical look I was trying to create.

Folding of filters:

I used ~650 coffee filters and was able to fold ~120 filters per hour.  I spent 5.5 hours folding coffee filters into triangles

Stringing the filters:

I was able to make one strand per 15 mins or so. Each strand was about 8 feet long and contained 45-55 coffee filters leaving about 12+ inches at the top to allow room for hanging. I made 12 strands which took a total of about 3 hours.

For around $20 in material costs and about ten hours you can create a beautiful photo/wedding backdrop. Check out Ruffled Blog to see how we used this insanely gorgeous backdrop!