Artist Spotlight: Thao Kim Trang

Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a really fun project doing fashion styling and set design for Artist Thao Kim Trang. Thao was working on building a beautiful new website and needed new imagery to help enhance her brand. I was called upon to help stage Thao’s latest body of paintings in a studio setting and to aide in outfit selection and accessorizing her for the shoot. Together with Audra Wrisley Photography, we helped bring her dreamy vision to life!

Thao is a talented young abstract artist exploring visualizing expression and feeling through various artistic mediums. Highly influenced by nature, she often draws inspiration from plants and beautiful landscapes which we see come through in her subject matter. As a scientist, her work sometimes blurs the line between what we see with the eye and what she sees under a microscope. Thao’s abstracts are able to invoke viewers with a strong sense of powerful emotion and wonder when they stare into the fluid pools and bold fields of color in her paintings.

When helping Thao to select fashion options for this project we chatted about the direction and feeling she wanted to go with the brand and then we set out to find two looks that were both artsy, modern and effortlessly cool. She told me she felt most at ease in pants, liked to be comfortable/to have movement and that she really wanted to do at least one all black outfit.

While initially browsing Thao's personal closet for outfits ideas, I completely fell in love with this black and white printed jumpsuit and knew it was just the piece to build off of for her new artist portraits. The feathered arrow print gave a cool boho vibe, while the long vertical lines helped to lengthen her legs and torso. The print scale was also key so as not to compete with the artwork around her. Once I saw the open back, I was sold, always a subtle, sexy win in my book! For the all black look, we paired thick black ponte leggings with a drapery knit top and added a pop of color and some edge with burgundy moto boots and silver statement jewelry.

Make sure you check out Thao's new site at: 

Happy Friday!